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Where do roofers make the most money?

Roofing, a trade as old as shelter itself, is not only a vital aspect of construction but also a lucrative profession for skilled individuals. If you’re considering a career in roofing and wondering where the greenest pastures lie, this article will guide you through the top destinations where roofers make the most money.

  1. Metropolitan Marvels:

One common trend is that roofers tend to earn higher wages in metropolitan areas where construction and development thrive. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago boast bustling construction scenes, creating a constant demand for skilled roofers. The high cost of living in these cities often translates to more competitive salaries for tradespeople.

  1. Sunshine States:

Regions with extreme weather conditions often provide ample opportunities for roofers. States like Florida, Texas, and California, with their scorching summers and occasional storms, require constant maintenance and repair work. Roofers in these areas are in high demand due to the frequent need for new installations and repairs, resulting in higher earning potentials.

  1. Oil & Gas Boomtowns:

Areas experiencing an oil and gas industry boom often see a spike in construction activities, including residential and commercial projects. Cities in states like Texas, North Dakota, and Alaska have witnessed significant economic growth, leading to increased construction projects and, subsequently, higher wages for skilled roofers.

  1. High-End Residential Hubs:

Roofers catering to affluent communities and high-end residential areas also tend to enjoy substantial income. Wealthier neighborhoods often demand top-notch roofing services using high-quality materials. Cities with a concentration of luxury homes and estates, such as Beverly Hills, Aspen, and Greenwich, can offer lucrative opportunities for skilled roofers.

  1. Tech Hub Skylines:

Cities known for their technology and innovation, like San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin, are continually expanding. With a constant influx of businesses and residents, the demand for new construction, renovations, and roofing projects remains high. Roofers in these tech-driven hubs can command higher wages due to the competitive market.


While the earning potential for roofers can vary based on factors like experience, specialization, and company size, certain geographic locations consistently offer better opportunities. Metropolitan areas, regions with extreme weather conditions, oil and gas boomtowns, high-end residential hubs, and tech-driven cities tend to be the top-paying destinations for roofers. Before embarking on a roofing career, consider researching the local demand and cost of living in these areas to make an informed decision that aligns with your financial goals and professional aspirations.

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