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The Benefits of Single-Ply Roofing for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to commercial roofing, single-ply is the way to go. Whether you’re constructing a new building or replacing an old roof, single-ply roofing offers many benefits that make it the perfect choice for any commercial setting.

At Reliable Roofing & Construction in Hattiesburg MS, we specialize in installing single-ply roofs for commercial buildings. Here’s why we think it’s an ideal choice for your next roof project:

Easy Installation

Single-ply membrane roofs are easy to install and maintain. They come in sheets that are much easier to transport, measure and fit than traditional shingles. Since they don’t require heavy equipment, they can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to business activities below. This makes them a great option for those on a tight budget or timeline.


Single ply membranes are incredibly flexible thanks to their rubberized material which allows them to expand and contract with temperatures changes, making them well suited for areas prone to extreme weather shifts. Additionally, they can easily be manipulated into detailed shapes and designs that give your building a unique look while still offering the same protection as regular flat roofs.

Durability and Longevity

Single-ply membranes offer superior durability compared to traditional materials like shingle or slate roofs You won’t have to worry about water damage or wind uplift because these durable structures prevent water from seeping under the surface and provide strong anchoring against winds up to 90 mph! Better yet, single-ply membrane roofs typically last between 15 – 20 years with proper maintenance so you won’t need another major repair job any time soon!

Cost Savings

Last but not least, single-ply membranes offer cost savings over other materials due to how quickly they can be installed. You won’t need extra time or money spent on transporting complicated equipment or hiring more personnel when installing this type of roof system – instead you can save those resources for other projects down the line! Additionally, by preventing water damage and providing strong protection against the elements your roof system will last longer over time which means fewer repairs needed in the long run!

At Reliable Roofing & Construction in Hattiesburg MS our team has expertise in installing single-ply membrane systems that provide optimal protection while saving you both time and money! So if you’re looking for a reliable operator who will get your new roof up fast then contact us today – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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