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Should I Replace My Whole Roof?

When it comes to selecting the right roofing solution for your home, it can be a bit confusing. Everyone is different and so too are their needs and desires when deciding on a new roof, whether it be replacing the existing one or adding one entirely new. There are several things to consider when making this choice – from cost-effectiveness to aesthetics. With all these factors in mind, you might ask yourself; should I replace my whole roof?

Before starting any sort of project, there are several indicators that will help guide your decision to know if you need an entire roof replacement or just some repairs completed. If your roof is over 20 years old and has undergone multiple repairs already, then chances are you may need an entirely new system. Neglected roofs often fall victim to moisture intrusion which can lead to insulation failure or mold growth. A complete inspection by a professional such as Reliable Roofing & Construction of Hattiesburg MS is the best way to determine the condition of your existing roof before making any decisions.

It’s likely that if you have shingle roofs that more than 20% of them need to be replaced, then it may make more sense financially to replace the entire layer instead of continuing with patches and repairs. Materials used for repairing a section may not match with what’s already installed on the rest of the house which could lead to potential issues down the line. In addition, patchwork can look aesthetically unappealing from ground level and at certain angles from above due to mismatched shingle coloration or heights of materials being used.

Another indicator lies within warranties – something that can have a big impact on pricing down the road as well as coverage against future issues with installation defects or manufacturer defects/failures that occur throughout its lifetime when maintained properly. In general terms, most warranties require full replacement instead of patch work in order for coverage claims to be valid which could save tens of thousands in repair costs should problems arise in the future even if they appear unrelated at first glance since they all become interconnected once materials have been utilized together during installation process.

While it may seem like a costly option up front when investing in a whole system again, over time this might end up being more cost effective compared to continuing multiple small repairs or partial replacements along with potential warranty coverage depending on applicable warranty restrictions per product chosen by homeowner after consultation with professional estimator about available products available for current market conditions versus expectations for environmental conditions such as wind speed given geographic location & climate change etc… . Of course budgeting also depends on what type material will be used i.e.; asphalt shingle vs metal vs clay tile etc… – each having their own merit but also limitations depending on budget & desired setup given available construction site resources for successful completion of project without complications such as inadequate structural support (which would also minimize labor costs).

In conclusion – The only definitive way to know whether your existing rooftop requires an entirely new system is by scheduling an inspection with Reliable Roofing & Construction located in Hattiesburg MS who offers customers honest assessments regarding condition and viability while providing various options based of customer expectations given budgetary constraints coupled with expected service life expectancy requirements tailored specifically around client’s unique situation ensuring full understanding prior to undergoing any extensive work needing done outside their current capabilities / manpower availability.

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