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Shingling a 1500 Square Foot Roof: Understanding the Cost

For buildings and properties, one of the most important investments you can make is a reliable roof for long-term security. What may seem like an expensive project at first glance can be mitigated if you understand the parameters involved. For homeowners in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and surrounding areas, Reliable Roofing & Construction is your go-to source for residential roofing services – from maintenance to full replacement.

When it comes to replacing or re-shingling a roof of approximately 1500 square feet, there are several factors that come into play. The cost of shingling such a roof depends on materials used and time to complete, with some other variables factoring in too. Let’s look at the various costs associated with this kind of work.

Materials Costs

Selecting the right type of shingles is essential and the material cost depends largely on that choice. Three-tab asphalt shingles and architectural (laminate) asphalt are two popular types; they vary in price range depending on style and quality. A higher quality laminate might cost around $76 per 100 square feet while a basic three-tab option might come in around $26/100 sq ft. For our example 1500 sq ft home, this translates to between $390-$1140 just for materials alone.

The remainder of materials necessary for re-shingling will include nails (about 5 lbs per 100 sqft), felt paper (~4 rolls for this size home), drip edge (metal edging around perimeter), flashing, and ridge cap (the peak). These costs add up quickly but should still be within budget at roughly $150 or less when purchased from your local hardware store or through Reliable Roofing & Construction’s trusted suppliers.

Labor Costs

Of course, part of having a new roof installed includes labor costs as well! This also varies based on several factors including location/region, difficulty of installation (roof pitch, access to attic space etc.), disposal fees if necessary, company overhead etc.. On average however, expect to pay $1-$2 per square foot installed – so anywhere between $1500-$3000 total labor cost depending on all these factors mentioned above.

At Reliable Roofing & Construction we strive to offer competitive pricing while providing superior service that lasts long after the job is finished; by having your roof replaced by professionals like us you’ll also receive any applicable manufacturer warranties which cover defects due to workmanship or product failure for years down the line – giving you added peace of mind!

All told then – shingling a 1500 square foot roof could be expected to run anywhere in between $2200 -$4500 depending mostly on materials chosen and labor charges billed by the service provider or contractor installing them. Taking some time now to research materials used, evaluate expert opinions from multiple companies if possible, considering any available warranties afterwards – these are all smart steps before undertaking such an important project for your property’s future!

If you’re ready now and live near Hattiesburg MS – reach out today to Reliable Roofing & Construction – Your local source for residential roofs done right! Call us today at 601-408-1554

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