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Maintenance Services

Roof Maintenance and Repair Specialists

Separate from our commercial re-roofing division, we maintain a service division whose sole focus is roof maintenance & repairs. This ensures that larger projects we are working on do not interfere with us being able to get to smaller repairs in a timely manner.

We understand that often full re-roofs can be postponed & it is the small repairs that are often the most urgent.

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Prior to any maintenance program, we provide a free roof inspection. In this inspection, we provide a full photo report (often over 100 photos) showing every detail of your roof system. This report will help us customize a maintenance program for your roof. At this point, there is no obligation to sign a maintenance contract and the inspection report is provided to you in a pdf for free.

If I have a warranty, why do I need maintenance?

Although you do have a warranty on your roof, it is still important that regular roof maintenance is conducted to protect the owner’s investment, and ultimately add years to the life of your roof. No warranty will cover roof damage not due to installation error or material defect. Any other damage can seem small at first and often goes undetected for a long time. The problem with undetected damage is that the total damage over time can be very severe due to a small issue not being addressed early on.

How does the program work?

Our maintenance program starts with a comprehensive and thorough initial inspection to detect any immediate issues. During inspections after that, many small issues can be addressed at the time of these inspections with no additional charge to the building owner. Larger developing issues will also be caught and brought to the building owners attention with a plan to solve the issue. Moisture infiltration detection is also an important part of these inspections. If water begins to get below your roof membrane and soak into the insulation underneath, the insulations R value can be completely destroyed which will reduce the energy efficiency of your building.

How do your inspections work?

The technician will use a roof maintenance checklist to ensure that everything is done and nothing is forgotten. This checklist will be signed by the technician and provided to you along with your photo report. The tech will clear the roof surface, clear any debris from drains, gutters & scuppers that has naturally built up over time. Anything that needs to be re-caulked will be re-caulked, & small repairs will be conducted if needed. With each maintenance visit, we will provide you with a full photo report as in the initial inspection so that you can keep up with what is going on with your roof through your own eyes.


   Example of how Maintenance Contracts Work VS. Without   
Maintenance No Maintenance
Years 1-15 $1,000 per year spent on maintenance. Roof is still under warranty. $0.00 spent on any maintenance.
Years 16-20 $1,400 per year spent on roof maintenance plus other miscellaneous repairs. Due to bi-annual maintenance, roof should last another few years. Roof starts having problems around year 15 averaging $4,500 in repairs per year. Fully torn off & replaced down to the deck due to moisture infiltration in the insulation on year 20 for $120,000.00.
Years 16-20 Roof finally replaced year 25, but due to proper maintenance, it could be re-covered instead of being fully torn off for $60,000.00. Roof was replaced on year 20.
Avg Yearly Cost $3,480.00 $6,900
25 Yr Savings $85,500 $0.00


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