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Finding a roofing contractor that is actually reliable is easier said than done. When we chose Reliable Roofing as our name, we were serious about living up to our namesake.  

Whether you are looking for a full replacement, small repair or gutters, we are the ones you can count on in Laurel MS to be there when we say we will be there, do everything we promise and clean up after the job is complete.

We are ready to serve you in Pearl, MS with any sized roofing project. You can of course call us or fill out a form on this site and we will contact you about your roofing or gutter project.

“From Our Family to Yours”

Family is what is important to us as I am sure it is to you, and that family mentality is another thing that sets Reliable Roofing apart from other roofing contractors in Pearl, MS. 

As a family owned and operated company, we ask ourselves what would we want for our own family?  How would I want this project done if this was my mother, my father, my sister, or brother?  Asking that question gives us all of the answers we need to ensure a positive experience and top notch roofing product for all of our customers.

The Best Roof Repair Services in the Area

We have several mottos we live by as a company, but one of the bigger ones that we talk about all the time is “Dominate the Details.”  You may even see one of our guys around town with a bracelet on that says #DTD as a reminder of how seriously we all take this motto. 

Dominating the details is what allows us to be the best roofing contractor in Pearl MS.  That wouldn’t be possible without the training and systems that we have put in place to ensure that every single employee from the person who answers the phone to the one who conducts the final walkaround is on board with this philosophy.  

A Roofer That Actually Specializes in Small Repairs

Getting an entire company on board with a philosophy like “Dominate the Details” is no easy feat and not easily duplicated; but now that we have done that, it really makes us shine when it comes to small repairs. 

When it comes to re-roofs, they can be handled in more of an assembly line fashion, so many roofers can easily make themselves look good by getting good at re-roofs. Repairs are the thing that separates the experts from the rest.  It truly takes a roofing expert to properly diagnose a problem with a roof and repair it rather than replace it.  

Any technician that comes out to your home from Reliable Roofing will be the expert you need to accurately assess a roof and its reparability.  Many times, we can extend the life of a roof that 99% of other contractors would recommend replacing.

We Do Metal Roofs Right

Metal roofs are another area where the details really show through. In fact we see more installation errors causing leaks or total roof failures in metal installations than any other roof type. There are just so many corners that can be cut on metal roofs that a non-expert would never guess could lead to issues.

We maintain that same #DTD philosophy when it comes to metal to ensure that all of the details are handled correctly, because when a metal roof is done right (while it may be more expensive), you can truly have a roof that will last longer than any other residential roofing type.

All Materials Are Not the Same, Choose Quality

When most people think about roofing materials, they think that they are all the same. This is a common misconception. Also, when they think of high-end material options, they think we are talking about some fancy shingle brand with more marketing than might behind it.  This is also a misunderstanding.

It isn’t  until you see how many roofing contractors cut corners on installations that you can really understand what we mean; but many contractors aren’t even using all new materials and components on your roof.  Many think they are doing you a favor by reusing underlayment, reusing pipe boots and reusing starter shingles.  

They reuse components that they think you won’t notice and make false assumptions that you the customer wouldn’t want to pay for a higher value roof; and truth be told, it’s because they don’t understand themselves and aren’t able to show you the difference.

Happy Customers are Our Goal

No project is too small for us, and if you call us, we will show you the difference. When we come to show you what we will do,  you will not be left in the dark and will see every piece of material we are going to use and every step we are going to take.

At Reliable Roofing, we even have a special customer checklist that we give you a copy of so that there is 100% total transparency in all we do.  This is why nearly everyone we interact with recommends us to their friends and family as the best roofer in Pearl MS.

"WOW! Reliable Roofing lives up to their name! I called five local companies for quotes, three got back to me and Reliable was the second lowest. I went with them because of the professionalism of Ben and Dan and boy am I glad I did. Couldn’t have gone any better! CALL THEM!"

- Mr. Manis | Google Review | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Ben and his team have made my claim experience a flawless one. After hail damage to my roof, Ben and his team were very personable and caring throughout this process."

- Mr. Niezgoda | Google Review | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We chose Reliable Roofing to replace a shingle roof with a new metal roof on our office building. We couldn't be more satisfied. Dan's expertise in roofing and construction is outstanding. I highly recommend this company."

- Mr. Heisey | Google Review | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Reliable Roofing performed a great job. They were professional and they know exactly what they were doing. Their personnel completed the job on time. They were very courteous, prompt and did an exceptional job. I recommend anyone who is reading this to please consider Reliable Roofing for the job. They stand behind their name."

- Ms. Scott | Google Review | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Their guys explained in detail how the insurance claim would work and helped us understand what was going to be paid by the insurance and what we would have to pay. [AND] stayed in contact with me through the whole process. Everything was clean after they left and our roof looks amazing! High recommend!"

- Mrs. Cheeks | Google Review | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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