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Keeping Mold at Bay: The Role of Roof Maintenance

If you’re a Hattiesburg, MS homeowner, you probably understand that proper roof maintenance is an important part of keeping your home comfortable and safe. But did you know that regular roof inspection and repair can also play a key role in preventing mold growth? Lingering moisture on your roof caused by damage or aging can create the ideal conditions for mold to grow and spread throughout your home – making it extremely important to stay ahead of any issues. Here are some tips from Reliable Roofing & Construction on how to maintain the integrity of your roof and protect against mold.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Leaves, branches, dirt, and other debris can quickly accumulate in gutters and downspouts, which can eventually lead to standing water. This standing water encourages mold growth due to the damp environment it creates. To keep this environment from occurring, regularly clean out the gutters and downspouts so they remain clear year round.

Remove Excess Moisture

After heavy rainstorms or snowfall, take time to inspect your roof for areas where excess moisture may have accumulated. This could include ponding water near the eaves or valleys in the roof line followed by obvious discoloration on the outer layers of the exterior walls beneath. If you observe any warning signs like these after inclement weather, use a broom or blower to gently remove pooling water from your roof before it has a chance to facilitate mold growth inside your attic or walls.

Look Out For Leaks

Watch out for any signs that there may be a leak in your roof. This could include sagging parts of the ceiling, dripping sounds coming from inside wall cavities during rainfall, odd smells wafting through certain rooms in your house when temperatures are warm outside – all of which are common indicators that suggest there’s a leak somewhere nearby. Pay attention if you experience any of these issues and call Reliable Roofing & Construction as soon as possible!

Monitor Flashing Around Chimneys & Vents

One of the most successful prevention strategies when it comes to stopping mold is making sure that flashing is always properly installed around chimneys or vents where moisture easily accumulates due to poor ventilation causing condensation buildup over time (especially typical during colder winter months). If for any reason you cannot safely access these areas yourself, contact Reliable Roofing & Construction who will assess them thoroughly upon request..

Ahhh…fresh air free of toxic black mold spores thanks to regular maintenance practices! With Fortenberry Roofing & Construction’s knowledgeable staff at hand 24/7 ready for dispatch anytime day or night should you run into surprise rain storms with flooding around town don’t worry we gotcha covered! Working diligently with our customers since 2005 we’ve helped many families rest easy knowing their roofs have been carefully inspected so no stone remains left unturned allowing us peace-of-mind while enjoying every season Hattiesburg brings! So no matter what Mother Nature throws our way whether its hail stones dropping fast like bullets shattering skylights above or menacing wind tearing shingles apart… count on us here at Reliable Roofing & Construction thwart all attempts made by would be mold infestations staying one step ahead without fail!

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