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How To Prevent Roof Damage Due To Weather Conditions

Living in Hattiesburg, MS, you know that the weather can be unpredictable. From long winters with plenty of snow to hot and humid summers, there is no doubt that Mother Nature can wreak havoc on a home’s roof. Homeowners should take proactive steps to prevent this damage from happening in the first place. Reliable Roofing & Construction wants to provide some tips for how homeowners can protect their homes from weather-related damage.

Inspect Your Attic Insulation and Ventilation

The first line of defense against damage from weather conditions is making sure your attic insulation and ventilation are functioning properly. The attic should be reasonably well sealed off from outside air to ensure that any moisture buildup is minimized and not contributing to rot or mold growth within the walls or ceiling cavities. Additionally, check for any signs of moisture entering such as water stains on the beams or sagging insulation, which may indicate leaks coming through the roof; if so, these issues should be addressed immediately by a professional roofer.

You will also want to inspect your insulation levels throughout the year as temperature changes require different levels of insulation – thicker layers during winter months and thinner layers during summer months. Check for any drafts coming in around window frames or gaps between walls and ceilings; caulking and weather stripping can help reduce potential heat loss or cold air infiltration in these locations. If you notice significant changes in temperature throughout different areas of your house despite all windows being closed/sealed, it could be an indication that you need more attic insulation or thicker weatherstripping/caulking around windows/doors.

Keep Trees Around Your House Trimmed

Another way to prevent roof damage from inclement weather is keeping trees near your home trimmed back regularly. Branches hanging low over your roof have the potential to scratch shingles when strong winds blow them around; not only does this cause cosmetic damage but opens up little spots where rainwater can begin leaking inside your home. Limbs that hang too close may even become projectiles during severe thunderstorms if they break off completely! Keeping trees trimmed away from your house also helps limit debris accumulating on top of shingles from falling leaves and twigs; although organic material like this won’t necessarily hurt anything, it can lead to premature wear-and-tear due to weight and age of material present. As such, it is a good habit to trim back trees several times per year – especially right before a big storm system rolls through town!

Consider Filing An Insurance Claim For Major Damage

If you have experienced serious storm damage due to high winds or hail, consider filing an insurance claim for coverage after discussing it with an experienced representative at Reliable Roofing & Construction . Depending on the severity of the issue, insurance companies may fully cover repairs done by qualified professionals; even if they don’t cover 100% cost upfront (after deductible), they will likely reimburse a good portion afterwards so you don’t have worry about large out-of-pocket expenses down the line! It’s important when doing so though that all necessary documentation regarding damages has been gathered beforehand – pictures taken before/after repair work is completed as well as estimates provided by certified contractors who specialize in roof care matters (such as us here at Reliable Roofing & Construction). Without thorough proof provided both verbally and visually via photographs showing pre-existing conditions plus post-repair work results along with paperwork attesting job was done correctly according to industry standards…the insurer may deny its policy holder payment assistance!

By taking proper care maintenance measures combined with smart preparation strategies (like investing time into researching an experienced contractor today!), homeowners living in Hattiesburg are better equipped dealing with potentially destructive variable climate events than ever before! Remember: prevention trumps cure when it comes protecting assets like our homes – so don’t wait until disaster strikes before taking action! Contact Reliable Roofing & Construction now if there are any questions about how best mitigate possible future looming threats associated with harsh Mother Nature elements like wind shear force winds….or other sources external elements causing distress on roofs which ultimately might necessitate filing an insurance claim situation occur later on down road eventually leading into costly financial burden set possibly waiting ahead maybe?

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