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How to Inspect Your Roof Flashing for Signs of Damage

When it comes to roof flashing, it’s important to know how to inspect it for signs of damage. Roofs that are not properly maintained can lead to structural problems down the line, so you’ll want to be sure your home is up to par. Fortunately, inspecting your roofing flashing isn’t as difficult as it may seem – if you know what you’re looking for.

If your home has asphalt shingles, then you should check regularly for any loose or missing pieces. It’s usually a good idea to look around the chimney, skylights and other vents where flashing could be found. Additionally, ensure there is no rust present on the metal sections of your roofing system as this can cause further damage over time.

You should also take note of any holes or cracks in the flashing itself – these can be caused by poor installation or general wear and tear over time. If left unchecked, these weaknesses can become larger and lead to additional problems with water entering through them. Additionally, be sure that all areas are securely sealed against rain and moisture; this includes seams around large pieces like dormers and ridges too!

Finally, always look out for curling edges on the material – this is a sign that something may need attention from a professional. You don’t want leaking or faulty sealant putting your home at risk – so if something looks amiss, make sure you address the issue promptly with someone who knows what they’re doing!

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