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How To Fix A Leaking Roof From The Inside: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discovering a leaky roof can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The telltale signs of water dripping from the ceiling or unsightly water stains can cause stress and worry. While it’s essential to address roof leaks promptly, waiting for professional help isn’t always feasible. In such cases, knowing how to fix a leaking roof from the inside can be a valuable skill to prevent further damage until a roofing expert arrives. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of temporarily fixing a leaking roof from the inside.

Step 1: Identify the Source of the Leak

Before attempting any repairs, it’s crucial to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Water stains on the ceiling may not always align with the actual entry point, as water can travel along rafters and beams before dripping down. Go to the attic or crawl space during daylight hours and look for signs of water penetration, such as wet spots, mold, or discoloration on the roof’s underside.

Step 2: Clear the Area

To begin the repair, clear the area around the leak and move any furniture, electronics, or valuable items away from the affected zone. Place a bucket or a waterproof container directly beneath the leak to catch any dripping water. This simple step will help minimize potential water damage to your belongings.

Step 3: Find and Seal the Leak

Once you’ve identified the leak’s location, it’s time to seal it temporarily. Keep in mind that this is a short-term solution, and professional repair or roof replacement is necessary for a long-lasting fix. Here’s how to seal the leak from the inside:

a. Patching Holes: If there are any small holes or cracks in the roof, you can use roofing cement or a silicone-based sealant to seal them. Apply the sealant generously over and around the damaged area.

b. Use Roofing Tape: For small punctures or tears, roofing tape can provide a quick and effective solution. Clean and dry the area around the leak and apply the roofing tape firmly over the damaged section.

c. Employ Roofing Patch Kits: Roofing patch kits are readily available at hardware stores and can be used to seal minor leaks effectively. Follow the kit’s instructions to apply the patch properly.

Step 4: Address Wet Insulation

In some cases, roof leaks can saturate the insulation in your attic or wall cavities. Wet insulation loses its effectiveness and can promote mold growth. To prevent further damage, remove and replace any wet insulation once you’ve temporarily sealed the leak.

Step 5: Monitor and Mitigate

After implementing the temporary fix, monitor the repaired area during the next rainfall to ensure that the leak has stopped or significantly reduced. While the temporary repair can hold up for a short period, it’s essential to contact a professional roofer to conduct a thorough inspection and provide a permanent solution.

Step 6: Preventive Measures

While you await professional roof repair, consider taking some preventive measures to minimize potential leaks in the future:

  • Trim tree branches near the roof to prevent them from damaging the shingles or tiles during storms.
  • Clean your gutters regularly to ensure proper water drainage and prevent clogs that could lead to water overflow onto the roof.
  • Inspect the roof periodically for loose or damaged shingles, tiles, or flashing and address any issues promptly.


Fixing a leaking roof from the inside can be a temporary and practical solution to prevent further damage to your home. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is not a permanent fix, and professional roof repair or replacement is essential for a lasting solution. A leaking roof can lead to significant structural damage and compromise the integrity of your home, so it’s vital to seek the expertise of a qualified roofing professional to assess and address the issue adequately. In the meantime, following the steps outlined in this guide will help mitigate immediate concerns and protect your home until professional help arrives.

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