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How to Coordinate Shingle Color with Your Roof’s Trim and Gutters

It can be a challenge to choose the perfect shingle color for your roof. You don’t want something too bright or too dull, but something that fits in well with the home’s other exterior features. And when deciding on shingle colors, one important factor to consider is your roof’s trim and gutters. In this article, Reliable Roofing & Construction in Hattiesburg MS will explain how you can coordinate shingle colors with these components of your roof to create a beautiful look.

Understanding the Basics of Roof Trim

Roof trim is an essential part of any home’s exterior aesthetic. It consists of wooden pieces of various widths and lengths that are installed around the edges of your roof and along any areas where two planes meet (like between a pitched roof and a flat one). These pieces help transition between different levels on the roof thus protecting against water infiltration. They are also great for providing some definition to your home’s architecture as they draw attention to its features and create additional visual interest.

When it comes to choosing colors for your roof trim, it helps if you first select a main color palette for your overall exterior design scheme. Often times these will consist of three or four colors, such as white and two shades of gray or brown, as well as accents like navy blue shutters or red flower planters. Consider what colors already exist on your house and which are complementary with each other; then, pick a trim color that fits in with this palette. Generally, it’s best if the trim is only one shade darker than the main body color (for example, pairing light brown siding with dark brown trim). This subtle contrast adds more visual definition without becoming overwhelming or clashing with other elements.

Why Do Gutters Matter?

Gutters are important because they help keep rainfall off your roof while also directing it away from vulnerable foundations; however, they can also be used as another element in enhancing your home’s aesthetics! Gutter materials come in various styles, shapes, sizes and colors; some popular options include aluminum gutters painted in standard black/brownish hues (which blend in well against most homes), copper gutters (which add a classic rustic feel) and even vinyl gutters which come in all sorts of fun hues but usually don’t last as long due to their lower durability compared to metal options . To decide which gutter material and style works best for you based on budgeting factors like cost-effectiveness, durability, flexibility, weight etc., consult with Reliable Roofing & Construction in Hattiesburg MS today!

Once you’ve decided which type of gutter works best for you then comes selecting the right shade that compliments both yours framework & skyline – moreover it should be consistent across all sides – either go all metallic ( silver / grey ) all semi metallic neutral warm colors ( bronze / brown / golden ) -also one important thing to note here is that pick up complimentary color so that no particular side overpowers other surrounding ! A few sample colors could include ; Antique Bronze , Galvanized Steel , Cobblestone Gray , Honey Gold & Black Pearl .

Last but not least – shingles ! now since we have our frame work ready through amazing picks out there – let’s make sure our rooftop/ceiling looks beautiful as ever – Depending on what type of environment / climate zone citizens live thereon matters what kind of shingles should be chosen . A few examples would be 3 tab asphalt shingles that are generally inexpensive yet provide good weather resistance / algae growth control whereas higher quality laminated architectural shingles offer better weather resistance but cost more & take longer time installing them . Choosing semi-metallic tones instead traditional solid black or grey ones primarily depends upon how much curb appeal owner wishes his/hers property has ! However many homeowners choose to maintain solemn neutrality thus going ahead opting for classic black see-through asphalt . That being said , nothing screams distinctiveness louder than metal siding tones paired together due tone natural reflectivity towards sunlight from metal ingredients fused during manufacturing process itself !

At Reliable Roofing & Construction located here at Hattiesburg MS we’re here to assist you every step along way when deciding upon trims eaves troughs & sidings – We believe customer satisfaction is mere projection thru combination maximum customer service delivery alongside safety assurance using latest procedures related industry standards ! So reach out us today take advantage free estimate offered hand so that we may bring vibrancy life waiting give yonder residence !!

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