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Hail Damage Roof Repair: What to Do Next

Living in the south-central United States, hail is an all-too-common part of life. This type of storm can damage plants, vehicles, and homes—most notably, shingles and roofing. But don’t panic just yet. There are steps you can take to protect yourself and your property if you’ve experienced a hailstorm and believe there may be damages that require repair or maintenance.

If your roof has been damaged by hail, it’s important to take immediate action. Left unaddressed, these problems can cause more expensive expenses down the road—even compromising the overall integrity of the roof itself! Here is what to do next if you’re in the Hattiesburg MS area after experiencing hail damage to your roof:

Step One: Inspect for Damage

The first step is to do a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior after a hailstorm. Look for physical signs of damage like missing shingles or other forms of degradation such as dings or dents on your siding or windows. If there’s any doubt in your mind, have a professional inspector come out and assess the situation as they have tools like infrared cameras that help find hidden hail damage issues. You should also look for signs of water infiltration around vents or air ducts or any type of water pooling near drainage systems.

Step Two: Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once you’ve determined that there is likely damage from a hailstorm to address, contact your insurance provider immediately so they can begin assessing the situation and filing a claim if necessary. It’s important not to wait too long before making this call because many policies have time limits when it comes to filing—if you wait too long you might lose access to certain benefits included in your coverage policy. Working with reliable local professionals like Reliable Roofing & Construction can make this process easier as they have expertise in working with insurance providers and know exactly what paperwork needs to be filled out before moving forward with repairs.

Step Three: Make Necessary Repairs

Once an assessment has been done by an inspector (or once it’s clear that repairs are needed) then it’s time to start addressing any repair work that needs completing on the roof or elsewhere on the exterior due to hail damage. When hiring contractors for repairs it should go without saying but make sure that you hire people who are licensed and insured for liability purposes—this will give peace of mind when trusting others with such an important project on one’s home. And lastly, it’s best practice when dealing with a contractor approved by an insurance company is inquiring about any warranties going forward since regular warranties usually only cover natural wear-and-tear issues not necessarily storms or weather related events like hailstorms where more severe damages occur more frequently than normal over time.

In conclusion, hail damage roofs should never feel daunting as taking steps quickly often helps save $$ while also helping keep one safe from future damages incurred due weather related events over time–so hopefully now one knows what steps need taken right away if ever faced with having a hailstorm damaging their home–especially here in Hattiesburg MS where Reliable Roofing & Construction customers typically live.

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