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Do Roofers Fall off The Roof?

It’s one of those questions that no roofer wants to hear, and maybe one that more than a few homeowners don’t want to consider. Do roofers actually fall off roofs while they are working? The answer, sadly, is yes. It does happen.

At Reliable Roofing & Construction in Hattiesburg MS, we make sure that the safety of our workers and clients is paramount. That includes taking every precaution when it comes to individuals going up on a roof. No matter how skilled an individual is at roof repair or installation, gravity has a knack for making its presence known eventually.

Though it doesn’t happen all the time, falls from roofs do occur. With most roofers these days taking the right precautions and utilizing appropriate safety equipment, these accidents can be prevented in most cases. However, there are some basic steps you should take as part of your research if you’re looking for someone to work on your home’s roof:

  • Make sure the company follows safety regulations – This might include using anchors and harnesses (when appropriate), having a spotter when working near edges or skylights; wearing non-skid shoes and making sure ladders are in good condition before using them.
  • Check credentials – Ask about the training any prospective hire has received in terms of basic safe work practices when working on a rooftop environment, as well as experience with related tasks like chimney repairs or wiring projects.
  • Verify insurance coverage – All reputable companies should have liability insurance that provides coverage in case of any accidents or mishaps during a job on your property (this should include workers’ compensation). Be sure all this is clearly outlined up front so you know who will be covered if anything goes wrong while someone is doing work on your home’s roof.

Roofing can be dangerous business and falls occasionally still do happen even after taking every precaution. We at Reliable Roofing & Construction understand this fact; therefore we go out of our way to ensure that our clients feel safe when selecting us for their roofing needs by providing full liability insurance coverage for both customers and our highly experienced team members alike. When you choose us for your roof work, you can rest assured knowing that if an accident does occur due to our negligence we will cover all costs associated with it – including medical expenses caused by any potential slips or falls from heights while on the job site!

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