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Commercial Roofing

Your Commercial Roofing Specialists

We install the following roof systems.


Our PVC systems can also be installed in a factory prefabricated system that significantly reduces labor time on the roof and reduces field welding by up to 85% which reduces the likelihood of possible “cold welds” resulting in leaks and call backs.


TPO is a newer product than PVC roofing but is also the fastest growing roof type in the industry. TPO comes in rolls and is welded together on the roof top and can be mechanically attached or glued down to the roof surface.

Modified Bitumen

Commonly referred to as simply “Modified” or “Mod Bit” this roof system is installed in two layers starting with a base sheet, then coming over the top with a cap sheet. While single ply membranes are measured in mils (thousandths of an inch), a modified roof once both layers are installed will be closer to a half inch of strong, durable, long lasting roof material.

Metal Roofing

We can install anything from a residential exposed fastener panel, Commercial PBR panel or standing seam (hidden fastener) roof systems.

Edge Metal

Metal edging can protect the most vulnerable part of your roof against wind uplift & other damage. It also significantly increases the visual appeal of your building.


We are set up to install and service anything from residential seamless gutters all the way up to large commercial box gutters, scuppers, collector heads & downspouts.

Manufacturer Systems we Install.

Duro-last PVC

Duro-last is our go to manufacturer for PVC roofing & offers some of the best warranties & support in the industry. With Duro-last, you are paying for more than just a roof, but also a manufacturer that stands behind their products.

Mule Hide TPO, Modified Bitumen

Mule Hide is a manufacturer that offers several product lines and we are set up to offer NDL warranties on their TPO and Modified Bitumen systems.

Unmatched Commercial Warranties

In commercial roofing, it is often said that the warranty itself is more important than the roof itself. With the manufacturer partnerships that we have in place, we can offer warranties that many other contractors simply cannot.

We can offer no dollar limit warranties on PVC, TPO & Modified Bitumen installations.

These warranties can be from 10 – 25 years depending on the product and warranty selected.

Our Commercial Roofing Process

  • Initial Site Visit & Report
  • Scope of Work & Bid Proposal
  • Contract / PO
  • Permit Applications & material order
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
During Project
  • Communication
  • Safety & Quality Inspections
  • Change Orders
  • Manufacturer Inspections
  • Final Walkthrough
  • Signed Approval & final invoice
  • Warranty Issued
  • Feedback Survey
  • Preventative Maintenance
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Our 10 Core Values

Hard Work

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Going the distance

A commitment to task completion from the smallest details to the entire project, to the ongoing relationship with our customers.


A commitment to keep our customers informed throughout the process.


On time every time.


World class quality in all we do.


More than honesty. Trustworthiness that we are going to do what we say we will do.


Not willing to let a project falter because “that wasn’t my job.”


Accuracy in accounting with numbers. Accounting is integrity with numbers.


The ability to receive criticism and take ACTION to evolve from that criticism.

Great over Good

Our goal is to be a GREAT company. Good is the ENEMY of great.

Professionals you can rely on.

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